I'm sharing a post on Facebook and I want to upload a custom photo. But Facebook doesn't seem to let me choose a photo that's not already in my post itself. Here is a photo illustrating my problem:


So the #1 is my featured photo in my post itself. #2 is my custom upload photo I want to use for this shared post.

Facebook doesn't allow me to pick #2 without still including #1 and it comes out as this weird 1/2 and 1/2 thing where it's showing both at the same time. I want to show just #2. How do I do this?

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RAFStuart Premium
Sorry, not a clue.
tommmm111 Premium
FB is picky but we love it. Hope you get it,

StevenRinker Premium
I've tried everything to fix this. It doesn't happen on all my post just occasionally. Sorry not sure why this happens. It seems to be something that only happens with FaceBook.
Kyoko817 Premium
I have that problem too, occasionally. I forgot how I resolved, but have you tried debug? I don't know if it works, but worth a try.