Drawing a blank this evening. My sometimerz kicked in.waiting for some football.

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Donna2018 Premium
Hi Mark,
Don't feel bad, I have the sometimerz more often than not! Lol!
FKelso Premium
You can google for top blogs, and you will get a ton of them. Getting top blogs from here depends on who you follow. Do you mean the WA blogs, or website blogs? When I give site comments, I enjoy seeing other folks' ideas for their blogs. It is interesting to see others' ideas.

If there are top people on here whose blogs you would like to see, I imagine you could send a PM and request their web address.
keishalina Premium
hey hi Mark -- if you're talking about Top WA blogs here on the platform -- simply scroll down the center of your WA screen page and it'll hit it ...

happy reading 'til football ... cheerio ... :)
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks Keisha, just had a brain drain. Watching the Chiefs on the split screen.
cheerio too.

keishalina Premium
hey -- sounds like you really, really need to get some solid rest! ...

r&r ... chill ... keep well ... 💛
Triblu Premium
Hey Mark,

See screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Scroll down in your feed
They should be there