Hi ! I'd like to get a referral marketing agency started with upviral software. Does anyone know how can I do this? I think it would be cool to begin with a contest to get customers. And it would take a simple questionnaire when they signups for the service to help setup their contest or giveaway.

I'd like to begin to only offer contests and giveaways and then work on a full platform for game show contests with the paid ads being the marketing service to boost the game shows.


Has anyone creates a service that uses upviral to create contests and giveaways on social media? They use referral and affiliate marketing. I like the idea to help promote brands and I don't know how to make it work.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi I don't however that's material from their own blog that could possibly be resourceful.


And that's utilizing another platform to help with upviral

Upviral alternatives if considering
dreamgirl93 Premium Plus
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm just trying to get started. I really like the idea of creating shared value and don't know how to apply it.
I'd like to create a platform that helps groups solve big social problems together like this article describes