I am having great difficulty with this, I used picmonkey and followed the pixel sizes but when it shows me it on mobile, pc it looks ridiculous, is there a way to get this done so it works on all devices?

thank you :)

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Christabelle Premium
I too would enjoy hearing how this worked out for you! :)
sSchovajsa Premium
Please let us all know if it worked? :)
blubutterfly Premium
Still working on it, :)
krazykat Premium
So let us know...did it work? :))))
blubutterfly Premium
Not yet...still working on it will let you know :)
Dgegegegwg Premium
I just used Photoshop and downloaded the template from google, that has a layer showing the different sizes.
MoritzS Premium
I made mine with the help of the site "custom-page.com".
Make sure to make a FREE account there.
It's been awhile that I made my account there, but they still have a free membership.
When you have your account you just go on their site to "youtube -> channel art templates".
There you can choose from quite a few really good templates, edit them and you are done.
If you want to create your own channel art you can use their "channel art design app".

If I can make the time for it, I will create a video training for that.

blubutterfly Premium
Awesome, thank you so much I am off to give that a go now :)