I was doing some updates to my WA site the other day, and I made a new blog post and I was getting it all SEO and getting my keywords optimized, but i hadn't done any sharing yet. I then decided to check my ranking in Google for my particular keyword I was focusing on, It wasn't even showing up on the first 10 pages. After I did some sharing to FB, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, and a few other ones, I let it marinate as Jay calls it. I checked the rank a few days later and I was on page 3 and climbing, so I guess sharing your content plays a pretty big role in getting ranked. I'd love to hear your comments on this!!
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Carson Premium
Sharing your content not only can attract people to your content, it can also help notify the search engines that your content exists. Sharing your content on FB, Twitter, G+ etc, will get the search engines crawling your content faster than if you don't share it.

Sharing content is always a good thing, especially if you are sharing it content that you are interested in and that is valuable. People love to read, I share tons of content on a daily basis and I share it with people who I know will enjoy it as I have.

Sharing your content will definitely help you get that content indexed faster, so I encourage you to share frequently.
scottdogg187 Premium
Yea I noticed that when I went from not even being in the search engines at all to getting on the 3rd page in a couple of days. Sharing content Is really powerful and I am going to be doing It on a daily basis or as much as I possibly can. Thanks a lot Carson for the response