There are SO MANY out there and I assume there is some kind of a way to select the right ones for us. Amazon Affiliates is fun, but only if you get a lot of traffic and conversions are strong. Creating your own digital products is the best since you would get 100% of the profit. But how about other affiliate programs? How can we make a selection? I see hundreds... if not thousands... and I am looking just for 5 or 10 products that I can test myself and promote as an affiliate.

FYI: I launched a blog on gut health and our mission is to become the trusted advisor on the topic of gut health.

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LaurenceG Premium
Hi, hope you are doing well. Be Safe and Be Successful!
marcho88 Premium
I like to market e books. For your consideration. Marc.
nathaniell Premium
You can choose the "best" product in your niche. Do your research, find out which one is the best (regardless of price), or try a bunch and see which one you like best.

Otherwise, you can choose the best commission for you. If all products are equal, then there's nothing wrong with choosing the one you get paid the most for. As a marketer, you need to allocate your time to the most profitable venture, and then affiliate programs can compete for your attention!
YumaBloggers Premium
Sometimes the selection just comes down to looking for the best commission on a product by product basis but when 2 affiliate programs offer a similar commission for the same product you need to research the retailer and see which has a better reputation as this will in turn help generate more sales as well. In some cases, you might find brand reputation as a better deciding factor than commission percentage. If you can buy a supplement from Swanson's versus Joes Hole in the Wall which brand sticks out and has the following behind it?