Hey All,

I am having a really hard time grasping the process of creating a business account on Pinterest!

I've watched Kyle's videos. I understand how to make the account, how to create a board, and how to pin. I get the instructions on how to link my blog articles, so I'm not questioning the technical stuff here. I'm questioning the STUFF to pin (?)

First, I create a board within my profile that pertains to my niche website, and link my articles... but then what? (this is a new site with like 12 articles)

I just keep pinning to that board as I publish each new article? I see that most people have several different boards ...

So, I find topic-related pinners and save/pin their stuff to other boards that I create? Or unrelated topics? And Why? This part confuses me.

I know Pinterest is hugely popular, and I'm probably the only person not on it, but I really do want to use it for business marketing.

I went to Kyle's profile and I see that the majority of his pins are WA pins, with some interest topics spread throughout. I think it would be easier to understand what to do if I had MORE examples / profiles to view.

Is anyone who is successfully using Pinterest for their business willing to share their Pinterest name (no I'm not asking for anyone to share their account info!) I'd like to see how people are setting up their boards, and understand why they chose to set up those boards, if that makes sense.

This has me so flustered this morning. I'm feeling really unproductive, and would appreciate any help, and Pinterest pages to view for some inspiration and ideas on how to do this!

Motivated, but feeling (unnecessarily?) defeated this morning,


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Triblu Premium
Hey Cris,

There are all sorts of great training videos, tutorials and even blog posts sharing tips on Pinterest. See screen print below to see how you can easily access them.

Hope you find this helpful.
cris1018 Premium
Hey Trish,

Yes, I used search before posting the question. Almost all of the current training and posts are technical "How To" posts, which were helpful with account setup and such. What I was looking for is the "What" and "Why"

For people not at all familiar with Pinterest (I know, hard to believe, but I found out today there are many of us!), this info was really a missing link here.

Thankfully, Mary-Elle saw this right away, and created a very useful training (today!) explaining in detail. For all of you reading this, here is her new post: Thank you for your time and help, Trish!
Mary-Elle Premium
Hi Cris, the concept of "what" you will pin depends upon what your target market is. You'll want to create boards that will ultimately attract the people that would be your perfect customer.

As for having a brand new Pinterest account, we all started there :)

I would recommend creating about at least 10 boards or so and work on getting those somewhat filled up with pins first so that your Pinterest account doesn't look too new and empty.

In the meantime, alot of people here at WA have done trainings on different aspects of Pinterest. I would start reviewing those trainings while you're working on your own Pinterest account and you'll soon get the hang of it.

Also, FYI, my Pinterest account is shown on my profile in the bottom right under the "Follow Me On" section. You're welcome to follow me over there and have a look. My own Pinterest account is somewhat new as well. I've really just started out with it not long ago. It does not take long to get things going.
cris1018 Premium
This is SO helpful. Thank you.

I have used the search bar, and viewed several posts and videos, which have been useful, but most are on the technical side of the account, which I get.

Someone needs to do some training on the content, boards set up, marketing aspect! (Why and How to create the boards you create, and such.)

Your info here, specifically the advice on creating about 10 boards to start etc, is EXACTLY the type of info I'm looking for!

Thanks so much!!!
Mary-Elle Premium
You're welcome. Glad I could help. I'll do a training soon!
cris1018 Premium
Please do! Much needed here.

I will check out your profile today as well to get an idea for how to set up. Thanks again SO MUCH for taking the time today!
MontanaTeal Premium
I went ahead and spent a day on Canva and created about 3 pins for each of my different posts. Four for some.

At first, you want to be pinning about 80% other peoples posts and 20% yours. You also want to be following other people in your niche. You can use the search bar to search for say "healthy recipes" and follow the creators. This will increase your Pinterest network.

As you grow, you will want to join some group boards - if you find someone in the same niche as you and they have a group board (you will know it is a group board because they will usually have a little note that says "to collaborate or join board email----"

You will want to email a few of them. As many as you can find. You wont get accepted to all of them - so this is why I say apply for a large number and see where you end up.

You can then pin your pins to your group boards that you are a part of, and as you increase your network, hopefully people will pin your pins to their own boards.

This is why I say create a few pins for each post because you never know what will catch. Try to make them different as you can from each other - different colours, photos etc. You can then gauge what your audience takes to and adjust for your future posts.

Don't forget to use keywords in your little write up about what the pin is about. Pinterest is like a big search engine, and will pick up on keywords as Google does!

Sorry - information overload. I hope that this helps you somewhat. Please feel free to PM me if you need anymore help along the way !!


My Pinterest account is linked on my profile here if you want to check it out.
cris1018 Premium
Yes, this is VERY helpful! Thank you SO much for taking the time!

What I need today is information overload LOL

THIS is the type of stuff that needs to be in some training!

I will definitely look at your account so I can see what you mean about different boards / group boards / etc. I do use Canva, so I do plan to create some images there. Thanks for tip on doing a few for each. Makes total sense!

So only 20% niche related and 80% other??? Huh, I would have done that wrong. I suppose this is to reach a larger audience? Then you just hope some of those people will find / be interested in the content you pin from your site?