I don't know how to enter a Java Script code into my website. Could someone help me out on how to insert it into my website please

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Vance, my question is why do you want to add JavaScript to your website?

The two easiest ways would be to use plugins.

To insert site wide; insert headers and footers


And to insert into a page or post; simple embed code.


The beauty of word press is that most things can be accomplished by using plugins.
feigner Premium
depends where you want to place it
if it is in your head section of your site then ad inserter plugin
if it is in the footer then ad inserter plugin
if it is in the body then maybe ad inserter again....
if it is google analytics verification then it might be worth watching this training have fun Vance
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, you can try the JavaScript Inserter plugin.

You do not want to edit your themes files directly as you will lose your changes when the theme updates or if you change your theme.