Hi there I've read the recommended training and spent ages today trying to attach a post from my website to Google Plus but just can't work it out. The training seems to be outdated.

Where do you do the cut and paste from? Inside Site Rubix?

I tried just cutting and pasting via my phone direct on my website and it pasted the copy but not the photos.

Can someone actually explain step by step to me and not just attach training modules, coz that's not working for me.

I must be really dopey or something.......

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Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks for offering a couple of suggestions guys.
newmarketpro Premium
Other than what suggested by Guy, another handy tool to share your post on social media is by using sharing plugin. There quite a number of good plugin for that purpose.

I have been using this plugin for some times now.

ShuiHyen Premium
I do as what GuyfromNB says. Its work beautifully.
GuyfromNB Premium
If you copy the URL of your post and paste it in Google Plus the featured image of your post should appear there... unless you have put a featured image in your post.