Facebook has changed their ad rules for political ads or anything they might consider political. 2019 new rule.

I have an account for many years and created a page for political purposes.

I have followed FB's rules trying to get authorized to publish the political ads.

I have sent my ID's photos several times, but they keep rejecting them.

They just indicate that the identification can't be verified and that the ad was not approved. To edit it.

I don't know what's wrong.

I have sent for support and to their Help Center, but their answers have been to redirect me to their rules, but no indication of why my ID's and ads were not approved.

How can I get to know what's wrong with my ID's for ad authorization if they seem not to indicate what's wrong?

Anybody has had this experience and have solved it?

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PaulWatson Premium
FAcebook are not known for their logic - we placed two ads for our studios - exactly the same add but with a different place name. One accepted , one rejected with the threat to shut the page down if we sent the same wording again.

We have just kept trying in the past with different wording - as long as you acknoweldge their comments if any then we have not had pages shut down as yet...

I know this doesn't really help you but I guess I am trying to say that they seem to be getting more and more obscure all the time...
LLettau1 Premium
I have heard of others that have been outright banned from Face Book. Why do you want to publish a political ad? Are your running form elected office in government?
bestleads Premium
I am helping a candidate.

But if yoo look at their new 2019 ad rules, they can consider almost any ad "political".

They are accepting some of my ads.

What they are not approving are the identification verification photos. But they don't tell why.