With a 98% open rate SMS messages offer an excellent opportunity for us, affiliate marketers, to communicate with potential customers. But we need to have a number to call or text. So what (ethical) strategies do you know or you have employed to obtain customer phone numbers?

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AlexEvans Premium
As a marketer my thoughts are guard your mobile number with your life. If you give it away without too much thought, get ready for the tsunami to hit your screen.

Where we can go wrong is to forget that the marketing that works the best is permission based.

Probably one of the easiest ways is to add the option of adding a phone number to any sign up forms you create. Working from your website offers legitimacy.

There is an option on most smart phones to add to home screen, if you guide folks to do this your website will be on their home screen and up date in tandom with your website. It will sync on their phones.

So if you can stare the conversation in that direction it can work a treat.

People can push back against offering their phone numbers, especially private, personal numbers.

I think it can be a matter of being up front and transparent, how many times are you going to send messages, what is the content going to be about, will you provide value, and most importantly is it easy for the person to unsubscribe.

One thing for sure never buy a list of phone numbers, and always avoid certain topics and products I think it is covered by the acronym SHAFT, sex, hate, alcohol, firearms and tabaco /cannabis.

Just like email collection there are just as many ways to collect phone numbers, me thinks.

Looks like you are researching, Hugh, let us know how you get on.
Only1Hugh Premium
Thanks for this very good advice Alex. And fear not I won't be buying any list
DorothyJ3 Premium Plus
Hello Hugh, I have tried a little while back, to call the # I have, for affiliate marketing I do know the people, I found out people do not like to get call for sales, alease the people I know, I know I don't like to get sales calls, if I purchase a product I buy it direct or indirect, I am bombarded with sales call each and every day, most of the time I hang up or don't answer the call, but this is just me maybe with other people it could be different, I don't know. I have no strategies to obtain the # from, maybe a telephone book has a lot of 3 in it? Yellow pages or white pages?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi it is better and more practical to do sms messaging or marketing vs calls. As then people can respond when they can and in their own time vs being help up in a call.
Only1Hugh Premium
Yes yes, it's SMS that I am referring to.
Only1Hugh Premium
Hi, Dorothy I certainly am not advocating calling. Just SMS. Cold calling is a non-starter. I will do some more research on the strategies for obtaining a number
webcash2us Premium
I know I've received some texts that were advertising before, I usually opt out, but some like getting text offers. I know of a program that might interest you, it handles what you're talking about and they offer a both an affiliate offer and a reseller offer that could be an interesting niche. I'll PM you the link and you decide, I am not an affiliate with them, but it's exactly what you're talking about and it looks to be reasonable. I found it because I was looking for other methods of traffic to my sites. Let me know what you think.

Only1Hugh Premium
Nice one John. Appreciate the link-up. I Will let you know how I proceed. Thanks
DValentine Premium
An interesting question Hugh - so I googled "what conversion rate do you get for asking for a phone number" - looking at the top 2 results it would appear that asking for a number straight off decreased the number of opt-ins by 47%.
A company called Unbounce was quoted as saying, with respect to asking for a contact number:


I like the bracketed information - "unless it is critical to their *personal success* which would lead me to think, what sort of information would a mobile user, visiting your site for the 1st time, want that would be 'critical' to their personal success ?

Also, you would need to bear in mind how you intend to give that information to the visitor - I doubt most mobile users would want to download a pdf file - so you'd be looking at either an audio file or a video file or, at the outside, an infographic.

It is a puzzler without doubt
Only1Hugh Premium
Thanks Dom.

Following the bracketed info, if I think about it many people might be willing to put down their numbers if it is to receive something that is scarce or in high demand Alternatively stated to be first to be called.

For instance, I was trying to get a PS5 for my son. It was sold out globally. If someone said in that instant to provide them with my number to get notified when one became available I would not have had an issue. The thing is that my number would only be given out for very specific parameters. If it were used beyond that I would not be happy.
maxmillion18 Premium
Regrettably, I did something unethical in the early days of sms messaging. (the late 90s, early 2000s).
I was involved in a well-known MLM business. But one of the trainings was to send SMS to people that advertised in the classified ads of the local paper.
i.e. Assuming the person was selling an unwanted bookcase, my upline demanded I contact the seller, because obviously, they were looking for extra money which is why they were selling the furniture!
Until that point, I really liked the MLM concept, but I think the upline was in a different league, and following our disagreement, I dropped out of the business.
Any business that I am involved with must be ethical; first and foremost. I sleep better that way.
And would you believe, the upline simply cut ties after that? Extremely disappointing tbh, but a fantastic learning curve. I am very grateful despite the slightly negative experience.

Anyway. My takeaway point here is to ensure that the person has given their mobile number freely and willingly, and is ok with receiving any text messages. Any other option will likely end with a negative result, and nowadays, may result in some unwanted issues.
Only1Hugh Premium
Thanks, Michael for that up-close look. A good lesson to learn that trust is the bedrock to a long and fruitful relationship