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Has anyone heard of Business in a Box founded by Jared Dilon his website is Synduit.Com . They help you expand your business by capaign ads, auto responders grow your list, close more sales, and build your brand.

Their subscription price are bit eyewatering. I think we already getting the service here at Wealthy Sffiliate
I am interested to hear your comments or feedback if you have used them or heard about them
Thanks Richard

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DaveSw Premium
I took some time and looked through the services and resources that you get with them, and overall you get a lot for the price. I always think in terms of automation, i.e. will this help me do more with the time I have available, and how much more versus the cost.

The many resources you get access to and DFY marketing campaigns (this saves a huge amount of time) that have been tested and proven will allow you to come across as a professional to your target audience immediately.

It seems to me that if your budget allows for it, and depending on your niche and your goals for your online business, that this might be a way to get a fast start with letting the world know about who you are and what you are offering...

I am actually going to give it a test run for 14 days for free and see how it compares to the workload I have now for the things on my plate. My only worry is that at the moment, I am pretty tied up with all the other activities on my plate, but I do want to see how it works...

Actually I want to thank you for asking the question about this, as I am always looking for a better mousetrap! This might be a valuable tool for our business...I can see how we can leverage what you get with the packages to help other small businesses who may have no idea or no time to run their marketing campaigns...

Dave : )
Rich908 Premium
Hi Dave

That sounds very encouraging..like yourself I have my hands full. I have nothing to lose because it’s a free 30 day trial.

Do you think Wealthy Affiliate would able to provide a service like this in the near future . I think will ask Kyle and Carson about it

Aussiemuso Premium
Haven't heard of them Richard and I think it's all available here will a bit of fiddling. As you said some of these packages are a bit eye watering and if they go out of business, what access do you have to the information you collected for your business?

Better to build it yourself with the help here and really know what you are creating, me thinks?

Just my 2 cents worth.😁

Lily 😊
keishalina9 Premium
reply # 2: here's the thread and replies that I received when I first asked about three months ago ....
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Richard -- good one!

Yes, an associate of mine has mentioned it to me awhile ago and i actually asked this similar question -- didn't get much then as very few have ever heard of it.

Perhaps, you'll get a better response.

Thanks for asking this question ... :)
TheCatherine Premium
He just runs an agency, and his prices aren't expensive