So, two days ago PepperJam accepted me to be an affiliate, I then already got approved by one company, and already made a post for that said company. Then today, I got approved to be an affiliate for a place I was really hoping to get, I was so excited as it is like the perfect match for my website. So, I go to log into pepperjam, and it wouldn't let me in saying I wasn't confirmed yet..when I was, then I go back to my email and I just received an email saying I've been disapproved. Well that stunk to high heaven, has I just got approved for the one I really wanted and whole reason I signed up to PepperJam in the first place, and within two minutes of that got turned down by PepperJam, after I was already approved by them two days ago. They changed their minds.. I sent them an email.. After fixing their email address because their link sent me to a bad email it had a plus sign in front of it, so i had to take the plus sign out.. LOL I did let them know that as well, that there email contained a bad link ...Hehehe

Anyway, was just curious if anyone else had a problem with places saying yes you are in, then you start promoting and within two days being yanked out and being disapproved?

Thank you
Sara Storey

ps I'm not sure if I put this in the right category or not, but I was hoping I'm at least close.

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BrianMason Premium
I really hate to hear that as I just did an application with them
DouglasJames Premium
I don't know much about Pepperjam but a lot of affiliate programs base their approval off your current online presence.

I've been denied plenty of times by companies that thought I didn't have enough followers to promote them or that my niche didn't match up enough with theirs.

The mindset to keep is if you were denied something, most likely you weren't meant to have it in the first place. There's something else much GREATER for you that you need to find.

Are you trying to join a CPA network? It seems like what they are from researching them just now.
SaraStorey Premium
PepperJam is like Commission Junction, and Rakuten. I'm not exactly sure what a CPA is LOL. Years ago I used Commission Junction and I'm back with them and I'm with Rakuten. I was approved by Pepper Jam 2 days ago and now they unapproved me after I landed the affiliate program in their program I was after. Inner Engineering by Sadhguru is what I had my eyes on before I even started this website because its his teachings primarily that I write about along with He's the one who helped me get my head on straight in my life. So, being an affiliate for his Spritual Teaching was my goal. My son has dabbled in affiliate marketing and he told me Sadhguru was on PepperJam, that's why I went there, and Inner Engineering approved me today seconds before PepperJam unapproved me LOL..

If PepperJam doesn't write me back, I now have the email to the affiliate department for Inner Engineering, and I'll contact them directly to see if there's any other way I can promote them. If so, then you will be right that something else much GREATER will happen out of it.

It didn't mess with my Bliss at all :) Just weird that they approve me then unapproved me in two days.
BrianMason Premium
I’ve been adding new friends to my facebook page just for that reason. I now have over 2000 and it’s growing every day.