Hey guys and gals. I know most of you use social media much more than I do. I was going to do a lengthy blog on all the replacements, but Black Friday and my websites need my love right now.

The top 5 seem to be:

1) MeWe
2) Mastodon
3) Diaspora
4) Minds
5) Buddy Press

Some others are:

GNU Social

You can simply Google " Replacements for Google Plus" and there are some excellent blogs already written on the subject. Perhaps some members are having success with some of the above. If so, please share with the community.

We are all on the same team here. That is one of the things I love about WA.

Everyone have a productive week and don't forget Black Friday is fast approaching.


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akolipenouko Premium
Thanks for this important post. I have been thinking of the questionbut never thought of researching it.

Today, I did and found your list during research. But then I also got Pinterest and LinkedIn.
davehayes Premium
YouTube and LinkedIn work veery well. LinkedIn especially works on recommendations
Cinderella5 Premium
Thank you for great info
RobertK78 Premium
Probably not as 'social' but as far as a business directories go, FreeIndex in the UK has been a great alternative over the years. For social platform unfortunately, right now it has to be Facebook as that's where most of the people are.
Abel1Abel1 Premium
FreeIndex looks great! I plan to look into it more, later! Thanks, Robert!
ChrisShouse Premium
Web Talk better than MeWe

Cash Juice has a growing community and I go there every day.