Hello my WA friends,

I have been pondering over this for over a year now, since I first joined WA.

In case you missed it, I also asked about this in my blog post yesterday:


Please tell me if what I've done is correct:
1) I have a personal Fb account
2) I create Fb Pages using my personal Fb account
3) I name the Fb Pages the same as my websites
4) But for WA affiliate Fb Page, I named it Sue Tay @ bestwealthyaffiliate following my WA username
5) For each niche website, I should create a separate Fb Page if desired

The above also applies to Google+, Twitter? Pinterest?

That's alot for social media isn't it??

Thank you for helping to enlighten me. :)

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jaytech Premium
You can create as many pages as you like from your personal account. This allows you to control and manage everything from one account. This makes life much easier :)
suetay Premium
Thanks Jay. :)
I will like your Fb Page after I set up my Fb new account.
PS: I haven't forgotten my offer to support you on your social media.
GomMagtibay Premium
A personal account as a controlling account, and then multiple fan pages each for specific niche or site.

One thing that others do that you should avoid is, most people use their fan pages as a blog post sharing pages, or extension of their blogs. No, don't do that. Facebook hides links shared on their platform, unless aided with paid advertising. As you can see in the number of reach, native photos and videos have higher reach (numbers) than links shared.

That's my observation.

What my plan to do now is to refrain from posting links, unless the link is boosted (with paid ad). What works better is, post native videos, or if you can't have videos, at least native photos, with URL of your blog printed on the bottom of the photos.
suetay Premium
Thanks for the tip, Gomer.
That does sound like it's a more tedious way of sharing but I will make some observations by trying both. :)
BeauAndNik Premium
I always create a page using my personal account. You have more control over the page and you don't have to go through the problem of having multiple FB accounts to log into..
suetay Premium
Thanks Beau.
So am I correct to say that to promote WA affiliate program you'd use a page rather than a personal account?
I am using a Page at the moment, but calling it Sue Tay, although my WA website name is "bestwealthyaffiliate", I decided to avoid calling my page by that name.
But I named my other Fb page A Chemical Peel following my website name "achemicalpeel" although it's generic sounding.
BeauAndNik Premium
Yes, a page is the best option.. A personal account can manage many pages.. its best move in terms of simplicity and efficiency