Facebook has blocked my blog. Has anyone encountered this so far?
My blog has been blocked because someone reported it as violent.
I think I know why.
I posted on my posts and my stories every day. Someone was bothered by this and instead of deleting me he reported me.
I know how it came about but I wonder if anyone knows how to fix it.

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FlaFreebird Premium
Facebook will block anything that doesn't support the race-baiting far left radicals
richardgb Premium
Hi Denis
That's a tough break. I hope you find a way.
I searched on google for "Get Unblocked On FB" and found this link:

It might help...
countrylife Premium
Hello Denis
This has something to do violating Facebook community standards, I had this before they give a place on page where to appeal your issue.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
demba1048 Premium
I thought they would unblock themselves over time. But it didn't happen.
countrylife Premium
Yeah I hear you it is up to Facebook when to undo. I share with sassy social my site posts versus straight to Facebook and I include what I want in my site post.
NTomic Premium
Hi, Denis! Facebook has some weird defined standards what is violent and what is not. Maybe no one reported you, maybe you had a picture that their robot recognized as violent... Try to contact Facebook support and try to explain the problem, and if they ask you to send them a scanned ID, or other document just send them (they need that to establish your identity)... Sometimes it takes weeks to solve the problem, but be patient...
I hope this was helpful...
Wish you the best!