I read this article very interesting to think social media very cost the much only for 140 words, does people very want to pay that kind of money to do it. I copy to share all of you

Your wedding day is a time to ditch your phone, forgo Facebooking and enjoy the most important moment of your life with the friends and family you've gathered.

Just kidding. This is probably the best you're ever going to look and you need to make sure everyone in the world sees you immediately. Plus, how will your maid of honor's speech or first dance go viral if you don't post it on YouTube? These are wedding day decisions you're going to have to make, people.

But if you want to avoid a trashy wedding faux pas, The W Hotel in New York has the perfect solution for those brides and grooms who want make their weddings a bit more social: a social media wedding concierge.

The new service, described to The Huffington Post in pitch email (read it in full below), will be available from now until the end of 2014, and promises to do away with "shameless wedding selfies." Instead, it wants your matrimonial social media push to be a bit more profesh, by creating or commandeering your accounts and posting all the details of the happiest day of your life for you.

So for a price (namely, $3,000), you can have another stranger following you around -- you know, on top of your wedding photographer, videographer, wedding planner, and whoever else you have in your entourage -- live-tweeting your whole ceremony and reminding every guest who posts on Instagram to use your special hashtag.

The concierge will also be responsible for creating a "wedding blog" leading up to the big day, as well as posting Vines and Instagrams under your special hashtag. Just be sure to remind them that you prefer the "Mayfair" filter.

This is all because in 2014, photos and videos alone don't cut it anymore. You need your vows trimmed into 140 characters ("the day i met u, i knew i would luv u 4ever. ur my bff, n i cnt w8 2 spend th rst of my life w u...").

So how do we tell if people want their wedding days on live-tweeted? We checked Twitter, of course.
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KD6PAO Premium
Trialynn Premium
I'll take an intimate gathering in a small pretty place any day over all that mess!
masirois Premium
Given what some people do for their "special day", what they will pay if they have the money, and the publicity they will do anything for, this only surprises me enough to make me laugh. Pretty crazy!
I disbelieve it too.
Starcreator Premium
Yae, I think that's rediculous, but some people might fall for it.
masamir Premium
A very valuable blog.
It is so crazy,