I've been playing around with the WA on my phone browser to see how user-friendly the platform is just from a mobile device. Does anyone else use there phone for work?

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PhoenixFlame Premium
Yes, I use Phoenix Browser for Iphone.
MChristmann Premium
I use my phone quite a bit for WA work and find that it works very well. I'm using it right now.
AbieAJ Premium
I use laptops as it easier with my situation, however there's plenty folks here who use their mobiles - Totally responsive.
weixiangW Premium
Usually I use WA on my phone for replying someone's comments or reading the tutorial articles. Otherwise, if I want to watch the training videos, publish blog posts or log in my website, I will use my laptop instead.
EmpressMel Premium
I've done everything on here through my phone. I haven't gone on my laptop yet but planning on it soon. I've gotten a lot of good feedback on my site so I feel that this is very mobile friendly.