Does anyone here post comments and attach their WA affiliate links in Facebook groups such as Entrepreneur or work from home groups etc. If so how successful is it. I'm thinking about this idea and I would like to know if it is recommended.

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GGould Premium
I was just looking for this exact same information and came across this
"Promote Your Facebook Group Actively on Your Blog
For example, you could set up a custom footer for all your blog posts and pages that invites people to join".

I am going to try this for all my blogs and groups as groups attract more people than Facebook pages I have found.

I have a Facebook group and every time I add a post I get people asking me to join. I did set up questions one of which was their email for more resources. Some people answer many do not but I still let them in as it still gives me a chance to put information in front of them.
Hope this helps
jasontw111 Premium
Thanks guys
benzburg Premium
I do sparingly in some FB groups and some in my own FB groups. No direct result yet but I believe this is effective.
I put some links in my Linkedin Publication area from my WA Links. I believe it gives sense of vision or purpose as your character, :)
AngelaHall Premium
I haven't yet but will be soon. FB groups and forums are a great way to get exposure. I just did some research for an article on social media. The top 3 social media sites - in this order - are FB, twitter and LinkedIn. I went straight away to polish up my LinkedIn acct lol.
CarlaIves Premium
No, I don't. I'm a writer so I post my articles in my writers' groups to have them help share for me. I haven't ventured into work-at-home groups.