I am in Level 4, lesson 9 where Kyle talks about sharing content from Wealthy Affiliate on FB, Twitter and Pinterest. In his video he shows a FB link at the top of each blog and training here but I can't see it? Has this changed since the video was made?

Just wondering if I'm going blind. :-)


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AlexEvans Premium Featured Comment
Hi, Lily, Facebook, and raw affilate links are like ex-lovers, that departed on a sow note, there is real animosity there.

The facebook share has been removed, some time ago.

Just a note on all the platform based training there is a button to request an update. top right-hand corner.

Aussiemuso Premium
Thank you Alex. I think it might be nice to have an up to date video for the newbies coming through. I will ask.

You're very kind to answer my question.
Warm regards,

Lily 💕
Helen123 Premium
I know they are working hard to update, one of their goals, so the shout out button for an update is super helpful for them.
bexfiliate Premium
Hey Lily!

I am so fond of your optimistic and exuberant mindset I thought I would reciprocate with some information should it prove useful to you.

I have had great success with the Blog2Social Plug in which allows me to share my blog posts to all my social networks as well as automate my promotional posts and visual branding materials. This is solely for the posts I create on WA and post to my sites so not sure if it is a different jam to what you are asking but the plug in is free with an option to upgrade. The free version is super good.

It connects all your media sites and after a blog post you just hit a few buttons and voila, your posts are sent out across the media platforms and then you can even do recurrent posts to automate for the future.

I am travelling for the remainder fo the month but automated all my sites media shares before I left so I am good till mid December when I return.

A very effective yet simple tool.

Not sure if it was the answer is the right one to your inquiry but it inspired this response so I do hope it is of some use to you!

Many thanks for the good feels you share in your journey.

Stay golden sister!

Aussiemuso Premium
Oh Bex, you are a darling. This is a superb tool for me to use.
You are so kind to take the time to advise me.

May you enjoy your travels.
Love and hugs

Lily 💕
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Lily,

You need to add a plugin to do this The lesson by Kyle I saw all of this was explained. Check it out again.


boomergp08 Premium
It does not exist anymore.

That is old footage in the video and back then, about 3 or 4 years ago, there used to be a button to share all WA blogs on Facebook.

It was removed when the WA platform was first re-designed a few years ago, mainly because people were abusing it and spamming FB with WA content.

To now share on Facebook or any other social platform you have to copy your affiliate link to the post you wish to share and then manually paste it into the social network of your choosing.

Remember, if the post you are going to share is a post that you yourself have written, meaning your own WA blog post, you do not need to use your affiliate link to that post.

Just copy the regular link in the address bar at the top of the page and you will still get the referral credit. Affiliate links to WA posts are only for WA content that you did not create.
Aussiemuso Premium
Awesome that all makes sense. Thanks. I was wondering if it might have been abused.

I went and finished the lessons pasting the URL and it worked great. It also made me consider why I was doing it and how appropriate it was.

Appreciate your input.

Lily 😁
boomergp08 Premium
My pleasure Lily. Happy to have helped you.
Dhind1 Premium
Great question.

I will try the answer from lindy101.