I have been advised to engage with Quora to become more actively involved in this forum . I tried to open an account with them a few days ago, but there several ways to connect with them. I tried to begin with my e-mail address but it did not work. Can you suggest the best way to connect with Quora ?

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TommyPotter Premium
Excuse my question, maybe it's something intrusive but is there any purpose in joining to Quora that has to do with your activity in WA? I'm just curious
alan47 Premium
Yes as in some of other members training here I have been encouraged to engage with Quora to interact with others in my niche and as a way of attracting more visitors to my site. Did I misunderstand this some how? My on-going concern at present is that there is little or no traffic to my site at present and I am currently working through Affiliate Bootcamp to be more active in that area at the moment. Should I forget about joining Quora at this time?