Eversince Boardbooster closed down, I did not bother promoting my contents with Pinterest anymore. I saw my traffic from Pinterest dropped of course. But my sales were fine and growing at around $100 increase per month.

I do an 80-20 principle in Pinterest where I share 80% of other people's contents, and 20% for mine. I also have IFTTT so that every time a pin is published, it's also shared in my Facebook and Twitter.

It's been one month since I used Tailwind. My "unique monthly viewers" climbed up from 4k to 40k in just one month! But my sales dropped a lot.

Are the articles I'm sharing "getting" my Amazon cookie clicks?

How do you use Tailwind to your advantage?



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DoubleTap Premium
I signed up for Tailwind a long time ago and have never used it. But I'd love to get some really good instruction here as to how to maximize traffic and profits using it.
lakbar12 Premium
This is a great question that I am following, I am sorry I do not have the answer for you because, well I never used Tailwind, but I hear about it all the time and would like to know how people take advantage of the program. Thank you for asking though...