I have now completed Twitter training submitted here and have now realised that all my tweets to date are wrong!. Do you know if I can go back through them and edit and retweet each one or not.

If I can't would you suggest I set up new tweets for all of them and resend?.

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kirby34 Premium
Thanks for everyone's comments, I eventually got round to google searching my question and it turns out you can't edit a tweet once published:-(. So the only option is to delete and start again.

So I will be spending my weekend rewriting my tweets correctly........oooh this is not going to be fun!
KatieMac Premium
yes they can be edited
i agree them also.
lozza1234 Premium
Yes i think you can! !!!but not sure you will have to go to your twitter site and have a look as i can edit Facebook once i know I made an error
rosieM Premium
Yes, tweets can be edited. ...also FB....sometimesI have to hover cursor at top right of comment or post; I use Chrome.