hi lemonfreeze here i resently got a msg from another member and it had a link to the 30 minute workday so i signed up and started going threw it and paid for a get response account then a HBA funnel builder membership and i set up a web page to promote the 30 minute workday and now they want me to buy traffic from trafficforme.com can anyone help me understand if i did the right thing and if buying traffic from them is a good idea or not and how to move forward

thanks so much


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Sebastian089 Premium
I just want to give you my point of view and suggestion.

The 30-minute workday is about how to make money throughout affiliate marketing using funnels.
And in order to make money you need to send traffic to your funnels, get leads and try to convert these leads into buyers to be able to make money.

If you don't know how to get the traffic you will need to follow these recommendation and buy traffic. But the heck with these traffic sources is that conversion rate is low and will spend a lot of money in advertising if you want to make sustainable income.

Wealthy Affiliate taught you how to build a website, create content, and get free traffic from search engines. This is what most people here at WA make money online.

My advice is to start building your website and creating valuable content to get ranked on search engines. You have plethora of affiliate offers you can promote and make money online.
What matters is traffic and without people visiting your funnels, there is no sales to make.

As for the traffic source recommended, I didn't use it yet.
Hope it helps
BrightSales Premium
You should have gone to your home page and see if the member has any affiliation with HBA funnel builder. What you can do is ask support of the "30 minute workday program" if they are aware of the member. If all is set, I think they are hounding you with offers which might not be necessary to buy into.
Your best bet is to do a paid test add on a social platform like Facebook and see the results for yourself based on what you are actually paying for. It's not that expensive on Facebook. You can do a $10 add test. They will get a certain amount of people to your page based on your niche. Best wishes!
HAP33 Premium
I’m afraid I agree with Laura but if you’ve already paid for it then shake it off keep going don’t give up and who knows maybe me and Laura are wrong and the traffic that you paid for will come through somehow and buy everything you want them to high and good luck

LauraFuller Premium
I read some of the responses. 30 min work day is a scam. I did a review on it. HBA is not a scam but shady. I also did a review on this.

The person who messaged you is a scam artist. They want you to follow the “shiny object syndrome” (make money fast the easy way). NOT possible!

Follow the training. There is no easy quick way to make money. It is a process and requires effort to make it work.

Although Kyle tries to keep the scammers out it is impossible to do so. Be aware and be careful.

Rex10 Premium
Get response is a good autoresponder for your email marketing efforts. I am not familiar with 30 minute workday or the HBA funnel builder.

Trafficforme, is a solo ad vendor. You basically pay for access to someone elses email list and they promote your offer/funnel to their list.

I have use trafficforme and have had ok results. If you have the money to invest, you can build an email list and hopefully make a few sales. 25 - 30% optin is about what you can expect. So if you pay for 100 clicks, you may get 25 - 30 emails. There are other solo ad vendors out there besides trafficforme. Just google "solo ads" compare prices and read the reviews.

There are some paid traffic trainings in the training headquarters here at WA that might help you decide. Paid traffic can be faster, but can also be expensive. Free "SEO" , "social media" traffic takes more time to develop. Hope that helps.

To your success,