Hey everyone I want to make an ebook what would I need to be able to do that? and how much would it cost?

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revansca Premium
Hi Lisa,
Here is the info on Supported Formats for publishing an eBook on Amazon Kindle: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200634390
I have just published my first eBook (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PZ91K25) and I submitted (uploaded) my manuscript in Word.docx format, and the cover I submitted using a jpg format file. The cost was zero out-of-pocket dollars.
If you check out the link for my eBook you'll see I also published the paperback, hard copy version - also at zero upfront, out-of-pocket dollars. The manuscript for that was submitted in PDF file format which, of course, was created from a Word.docx file, and the cover was created using the KDP online Cover Creator Tool.
Both are now published and so I'm now working on a marketing plan to promote them and also downloadable file versions for use on PC, laptop, tablet, and smart 'phone.
To use Kindle Publishing (KDP) you'll need to set up an account which is easy to do as an adjunct to your Amazon account.
I hope that helps.
- Ron
Scorpio5310 Premium
Best not to spend money at first.

I use MS-Word because I already own a copy (not the pay-as-you-go version) and I already own VCR software and have free versions of any other software that I use.

If you don't have MS-Word, you could use Open-Office which is very similar but is free.

Regards, Wazza
Scorpio5310 Premium
I use MS-Word for my drafts, as it works well with my VRC software and my spelling and grammar checker.

And if I want to format it for publication, then at the end I can format to suit (you can get the specifications for page sizes, margins, gutters etc from several self-publication websites on the web). And convert to PDF if that is the format I'm after.

For other formats, I can just copy and paste the completed, proof-read final edit versions into the software required for the specific file format required.

Kind regards, Wazza
brocjero Premium
If it is your first eBook, please do not spend money on software. Make your book in Word and save as PDF. I use Canva (free version) to design build my covers. If you find the desire to produce PLR content permanently, then decide on upgrading to software. Free resources first, is all I am trying to say. Happy Selling...
Christorv Premium Plus
These are the answers that make me read comments in questions- thanks Jerry
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thanks very much, my friend :-)
BaliJack Premium Plus
Google: How to create an Ebook from start to finish
for the best answer to this question.