Hi guys was wondering if I can upload a video I have created on You Tube to my wordpress post even if it is still editing, it seems to be taking ages....

Thank you :)

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Pisquali Premium
I agree with stn67.
KatieMac Premium
See you have had an answer hope it all works out well
stn67 Premium
not before before it is processed completely finished and published. then you can download the code and charge it to your blog. I always make an MP4 file that I keep on my desk before I charge it. You can also do it via mobile but it usually takes a little longer. Remember all this is done online so it sometimes requires a little patience.
JAZZmom41 Premium
Valuable to know. Thanks!
native33 Premium
You should be to go ahead and upload it because the embed code is still going to be the same. Just make sure you have everything you want edited done.

MarionBlack Premium
Uploading videos to your website is not recommended because it would slow your website's loading speed. Embedding the video is the way to go If the video is taking ages to upload to YouTube then there is a problem with the video. What file extension is it using? How big is it? If it's too long then YouTube won't accept it until you've been approved for long videos.
blubutterfly Premium
Hi Marion, I was having some trouble yesterday trying to upload to You Tube, but managed to finally convert to different file? So now I have it uploaded to you tube and edited, but just wondered if I can embed that video before its finished editing? :)