My website topic is to-the-point and I have about 5 pages of supporting info. Adding more pages to it will dilute the message and be seen as filler, not adding value. I could abandon the topic and figure out a new topic to write a book about, but I would like to see this get traffic without having to get on Page One of a search engine. (I do have social media accounts ready in FB, Twitter, and Pinterest.) Is there a tool or strategy to get me there? Thanks for your help.

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TDenise Premium
Plenty. I'm guessing you're selling a service? Even in that, there's value in good copywritten text working for you 24/7. Aside from blogging or "writing a book" as you've called it, there are:
- Press releases
- PR
- Social media Marketing
- Paid ads
- Podcasting
- Video marketing
- Promo product advertising
- Traditional sales
- Solo ads
and many other options to drive traffic

The question of which is most effective depends on your goals, your target audience, and your budget.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to start by building your own assets to the point where they're valuable to the market, get them noticed with SEO, then to layer other things (beginning with social media and paid search ads) onto that.
JohnD2018 Premium
Thanks for your reply! I'm simply pointing people to a great product that they can purchase from the original MVNO and from Amazon. My site (in my profile) explains the technical ins and outs to give them confidence to proceed and purchase if they so wish. I would get the affiliate commission. Yes, please, but I wouldn't be spendy. I'd start with zero-cost approaches and work up from there if warranted.
TDenise Premium
Interesting. Well, hopefully I've answered your question. I've tried several marketing plans, but my favorite startup low-cost marketing plan is what's taught here.

Calculate the pros and cons of other options. You can eventually layer many things like larger businesses do. Best wishes in choosing the best fit for your business.
AffMktgRt Premium

There are direct response marketing tools and platforms you can use in order to drive traffic in front of your products and services which do not require you to write a book or to blog.

Please PM me if you are interested in finding out more.

Wish you great success here at WA and in all of your other undertakings.

JohnD2018 Premium
PM sent!