Hi there,
Is there any great training available on the best Pinterest strategy?
I know very little about pinterest, I just use it to post blog photos and infographic photos directing back to my blog, and product photos I promote and review with affiliate links.
I've been noticing that my pinterest has been growing a lot. 4.1k views total in February. So far this month (March 12) 29.2k views, with a projected monthly views of 60k this month if it peaks out at this daily rate (the trends is increasing, though). And this is accomplished with just 36 followers.
I don't have any strategy when it comes to following and growing my followings. And I don't know if my numbers are extraordinary or meager. Either way, I've been noticing that out of the four social media networks I use (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+, in that order of attention) Pinterest is the one that sends me the most traffic. I'd like so see if I can exploit that.
So anyone know where to best point me?

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Hi UrsaMajor, I've rather gone beyond that and covered it in the training already. I suppose what I'm asking for is an advanced level pinterest marketing training
AdeRobinson Premium
Thanks UrsaMajor. Checking it out.