I would love to share blogs/posts from my niche website with the community. Is there a WAy to non-index our WA blogs, so when we post them to our website, Google will not see it as duplicate content?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Mark,

Jon (aka willlin) already explained about noindexing not preventing you from being dinged for duplicate content if you were to share the exact same information elsewhere.


Don't forget... your unique, quality blog posts share publicly here on WA that actually draws someone to WA, where they join as a member due to your content... YOU gain them as a referral.

So... my question would be to you is... why would you want to share the exact same content anywhere else?

You could always share the same story... just not using the exact same wording. :-))
ExpatMark Premium
Yeah, what Jon said is kinda what I was thinking. Just don't want to get the duplicate thing. I can give a "teaser" type blog post at WA and if someone wants to read more, they can go to my niche site.
My new theme song for this month is "Working Man". Played it on my phone when I walked the puppies this am and been fired up all day!
Triblu Premium
Personally Mark... I would use that setup the other way around... you wouldn't even need to use an affiliate link to get credit when linking to your own blog posts here at WA.

Bets you could offer two really great compelling posts... one here and one on your website offering a link to the post you share here.

Heck you could even add an affiliate link near the bottom of you website post, to something ELSE here... like a custom landing page:
ExpatMark Premium
Great idea! Because I am using heavily discounted personal training on my WA site to get my conversion percentage WAy up there. I cannot handle a 8-12% conversion rate. No WAy.

Since the cost of living here is 70% cheaper than usa, I can discount from $900/month for my personal training to $300(or even lower) to get Premium upgrades.

$300usd is $800 in spending money in Ukraine, so I am not losing any money and I am hoping to convert at least 30% or better. Since my training is all online I can have hundreds of clients at one time, instead of the 10-12 I can handle one on one.

The cost of living is a trump card I intend on playing.

You are so smart. I think I will keep you around. lol
Triblu Premium
LOL, thanks for your compliment Mark. Grace (aka littlemama) has set me on a new (and I think winning) path so, the least I can do is to share ideas with others too that I've learned that work well.

On the WA blog, there is a cog wheel settings button beneath PUBLISH.

There is an option to turn off sharing. Is this along the same lines?🤔
ExpatMark Premium
I see the "turn sharing off" icon. But I wonder if that keeps Google from indexing the blog? Robert kinda gave the answer to my question below, but would like to to know if clicking the "turn sharing off", keeps google away. Maybe someone will answer that.

SnazzyIT Premium
As mentioned by Koso below, in your wordpress back office dashboard. It's also in level 1and 2 training. Just type it in the search above your page. It will come up. We do it for both policy and affiliate docs.
Kosovari2019 Premium
Greetings to you
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