How to Handle the eBay/PayPal Split
How does this affect you? Well, don’t expect to have your business turned upside down by the decision. eBay will still be the worldwide online giant that it is today. Without PayPal, though, buyers will be free to pay however they want, without having to make a PayPal account (something many have negative feelings about). On the other hand, sellers, as you can imagine, are reacting to this news with some hesitation.
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kholmes Premium
I just signed up for a PayPal account, its really fast PayPal to PayPal...checking accounts take the normal time.
I have PayPal account not much changed for the user except for eBay and eCommerce merchants.
mlshands Premium
I have always used PayPal and still do when purchasing items or scheduling payments (when I can). I will be interested in seeing how this affects Ebay.
CarlaIves Premium
I've used Paypal since Day 1 without a problem. I'm sure they'll be okay. We'll just have to wait to see how it will affect ebay sellers and buyers.
jazminf Premium
Never heard about that, thank you for sharing:)
divadejunk Premium
I wasn't aware they split. I haven't used eBay for years. I do use PayPal though. Thanks for the information.