I stummbled accross an article about using a tahank you page? anyone ever use one and how effective are they?

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firstlearn Premium
A thank you page is used to than a customer for signing up to your product or service. Irrespective of whether it is a free gift or a product or service that has been purchased you want to be seen by your customer as a goto person.

You also need to be building a relationship with your customers so they will buy from you again.

rohitp123 Premium
Hi BElliott56 .. sir .you understand this concept thanks regard rohit
Dave07 Premium
A thank you page is a key part of monetising the process of building an email list. The page should be presented to,a person as soon as they sign up for your list. They are at that point a warm prospect and it’s a good time to present an offer to them to buy a product
BElliott56 Premium
isn't it formatted with the contact page layout or do I have to create it myself?
Triblu Premium
Hey Brian,

Whether a thank you page is part of the "package" it would depend on the autoresponder you are using.

Most autoresponders offer their users a means of setting up a thank you page.

Google search "Thank you pages examples" (without the quotation marks, of course) for some examples.

Hope this helps you.
Dave07 Premium
There is a basic thank you page with your auto responder but it just says "thanks for signing up" which is fine for the customer in that they know they have successfully signed up for your offer or newsletter.
However when a customer signs up on one of my opt in pages i then redirect them to a thank you page on my website which thanks them for signing up and then recommends a product which complements what they have just signed up for.