It looks good. There's a free version, and a premium version which is annual payments or monthly payments...

I don't know why, but I have the urge to get it as there is a 50% discount right now and the cost is $60...

Will it pay for itself?
Is it easy to use?
Will it bring traffic?

Sometimes it's worth investing in something for your business even when you think "I can't afford it"...because some things really do make a difference and in hindsight you think "I should have paid for that sooner"

Somebody stop me from buying on impulse, because I "can't afford it" if it's useless...

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GlenPalo Premium
For what it's worth, I used Onlywire years ago. But stopped using it because it seemed so time consuming. I didn't want to pay for the paid version.
mergie1 Premium Plus
I used it for a while, and still do from time to time. The free version is fine to start with though and it is useful to send one message to all your social sites.
I only have a few so free works fine for me. If you have a lot of social media sites, then you would prob need to use the paid.
Timea Premium
If you are a beginner without any decent income yet, then it's better to buy only the things you must have for your current stage or your next step. You can invest later on, step by step as it's needed. Don't worry, softwares and plugins will be there next year too... :)
MKearns Premium
Looks like something to be investigated!
svenz Premium
Hi Jim-Bo, I have bin using only wire for about 2 years. Its easy to use and it will bring traffic, its hard to say if it is paying for it self as I do a lot f marketing, It make life easy to post to many sites,
Jim-Bo Premium
okay I will give the free version a blast and if it helps I will pay for it...only thing is, the price will double by that time...

60 a year is better than 120 a year...

Thanks buddy for the info