I've got 6 comments pending. One is from a week ago and the others are days old. The reason I am concerned is that I recently had one comment that was never answered and I got a message that they were refunding me the credit and to try again.
Usually comments get answered in a day or two. I'm just wondering with so many members now why there might be a problem with getting comments back.
Any thoughts?

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Jadatherapy Premium
Glad to know, thank you. I have not used the comments for feed back yet. But I have commented on a good few websites today.
Travis7 Premium
I think a lot of people use the give and take comment thread credits are not needed for it.
Triblu Premium
Hey Rob,

Lately, other members have mentioned receiving refunds for comments they have never received. One member stated that not many members are giving comments lately.

Tried to find that "thread" or conversation here a WA but could not find it.

Hope this helps you.
RobSciubba Premium
Yes I don't know what's going on lately. Thank you! :-)
FrankM64 Premium
It seems not many are using the portal for posting comments. Kyle started this link a while back and it has been fairly active (and doesn't cost any WA coins)

Check it out:
EandS2018 Premium
I got this just fine, sorry no idea,
Many Blessings,
Scarlett and Elaine