I am promoting a few Amazon products. One of them is a high needed product in my state.

Social media intensive promotions and publicity. But almost no sales.

Two people that I know bought products that I promote. But I didn't get any commissions.

When I asked them how they went through the shopping process they said that they saw the product, liked it and since there was an Amazon banner, on my website, they went directly to their Amazon accounts and bought the products. They didn't click the banner on my website, or the text links.

Since there are millions of people that have Amazon accounts, I wonder how many referral sales I have lost that way. And, the thousands of sales lost by other Amazon associates by this act.

Luckily, I got to know of these two people to understand the probable cause of not getting Amazon sales if expanded to the hundreds of visits my website gets.

Have any of you guys gone through a similar experience?

How can this be "fixed"?

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JeannineC Premium
No, it can't be fixed. It's part of the design which Amazon has created to ensure they pay the absolute minimum amount in commissions.

If you know those two people, chances are excellent that Amazon knows you know them and wouldn't have given you credit anyway. Friends and family are not allowed to shop via your link. You can only generate new sales.

Amazon is a horrible master. If you can find any other place that offers the same product, switch now!
Feochadan Premium Plus
Perhaps give them more info at the sign off to use your link if they’ve enjoyed your info. Make this VERY clear that they won’t be charged more but would be really helping you. We tend to take this for granted but those that aren’t into affiliate marketing wouldn’t have a clue.. Also, beside each item you are trying to promote, add a “Check Prices Here” type of button that will encourage them to shop directly from your website.

And, lastly: all the best!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
That is a big shame. I hope it gets better for you.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

For some folks they prefer signing to source and purchasing direct, there's nothing you can do to stop this from happening.

It doesn't help but it is a fact.

Unaware of your site's content, you may want to reposition things to keep your visitors focused on the offer at hand.
Pamshooter Premium Plus
Maybe you could remove the banner?
bestleads Premium
I have text content, too.