How do I put an Affiliate disclaimer on my blog?

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megawinner Premium
Hi Nichole! Check this out: Cheers!

LMH1968 Premium
I just write it each time.
JKulk1 Premium
I have a plugin that places it at the beginning of each page. This helps bring trust. Jim
cbmercado Premium
I create a page on my home page and I also create a widget in the footer section so it is automatically put in every page of my website.
EmakAmelia Premium
Hi there,

There is a template for Affiliate Disclaimer on the Site Content that we can use. I post mine as a page that I place in my footer.

I also write another disclaimer on my Home page. And again, in each of every post a short sentence that will refer to that Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Also, if you are an Amazon Associate, you need to place it where it is visible and follow their rules: Hope it helps,