Is this For Real? - My Website Got Noticed - By Whom?

Last Update: March 30, 2019

I don't know whether to be excited or not. This is all new to me, so I would like some advice or suggestions please.

I was babysitting my friend's small warehouse, so I haven't been that active in the last two days inside WA.

Yesterday, I thought I should check on my website emails, to see if I got any notifications from any Affiliate Programs telling me some good news, but I did not.

What I did receive, however, was a little strange. An unusual email from, the Marketing Manager of the New Zealand School of Food & Wine.

She asked to meet me in person because they noticed an unusual bump in their Google Analytics reports that showed many of their online site visitors came from a little website, and in further investigation found out it was mine, so they wanted to know more about me and wanted to meet me to discuss something.

Let's back track a little here and let me explain why, I got this email.

Just before I joined WA, I had enrolled at the School of Food & Wine to gain my Food and Health Safety Certificate, to allow me to bake and sell my cakes from home.

When I was creating my niche website, I decided that I wanted to help other home cake artists do the same, and added the Food and Safety Course link inside my content, as one of my recommendations.

It was just an external link to their main page and I had only inserted, two or three links within my first post. I knew that I wouldn't get any money, as they did not have any affiliate programs.

Now, back to the email that I had received. I was actually quite afraid that I had done something illegal and was quite stressed. So I quickly replied that I was sorry and I will remove all the links, as soon as possible.

Fortunately I did not act on this thought, because, today, still very apprehensive, I checked

my site email again, to find that I had received another email which, this time came with an attachment.

You can see the response yourself here:

The attachment was an invitation to a formal lunch presented by their cooking students. I am asked to attend and to have a look around. They would like me to create a blog about their school.

I accepted the invitation - although I feel excited, I have no understanding of why I am.

Now, this is the part, that I ask you all, please to advise me on?

Has anyone here been asked to write a blog for a company? or has any Marketing experience?

So many questions running in my head, like: Do I ask for payment? Am I to expect payment? Or should I just build relationship first...

...shucks I am so nervous, and I have never done any sort of marketing either...please help me...

I will appreciate any advice or suggestion my friends :)


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ShihTzuSteve Premium
Hello, Ilaisaane.
Congratulations on being presented with this opportunity.
If you go ahead and it's going to be a regular thing, I would ask for payment. Perhaps do the first one for free as a sampler.
For a while I was writing product descriptions for a tool catalogue but I gave it up because the money I received was not representative of the time I put in.
It does take up a lot of your time writing for someone else, you have to make sure your research is spot on and the posts are structured exactly how the customer wants. Plus you have to meet their deadlines.
I don't want to put you off. It's good work and it will also enhance your reputation as a writer. I would probably still be doing it if the remuneration had allowed me to give up my day job.
Best wishes,
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thank you Steve, I am going to make sure that I keep your advice in mind, and take my time to agree to anything :) while I eat their free food lol :)
Babou3 Premium
I think you are becoming an incredible copywiter,
without even having wanted it.
I can't advise you but I hope it's the beginning
of something very big.
The best event happen when we don't wait for them!

Good job honey!
I can't wait to hear more!!
I'm so happy for you!
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
I wish I knew what a copywriter did or does though haha, I guess I have just been kicked off the cliff again lol...thanks again my friend.
JM80525 Premium
It sounds like you accidentally landed yourself a copywriting gig!

One of my side gigs is freelance copywriting. Creating and maintaining a blog for a company is one potential role of a copywriter.

I'm jealous, Ilaisaane! I'm always on the lookout for blogging opportunities and one just lands in your lap! LOL Good for you!

As far as what you need to know to run a good blog for any company,,, research, research, research!

Develop a relationship with whomever you would answer to as far as okaying the content. That way, you can have a more intimate relationship with the company's culture and become a subject matter expert (SME) on them and thereby able to more easily create relevant content for the blog.

Oh, and you should *definitely* be paid! Blog writers usually get paid quite handsomely!

Good luck with it!
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Haha Joe, I don't even know what it is but you have just given me a name and thank you for your honesty - I used to be jealous of everyone else lol..SME is new term also...Thanks for the enlightenment. Have a great day :)
MaxiMos Premium
Wow..thats great!
Definitely BILL THEM!!...
and dont worry about marketing , because you already know, to get this far and get an invitation, just use what you do for SEO..
All the best.
Also get them to open an account at WA and you build it for them. :)
Passive income on your side! :)
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Haha i like your way of thinking :) thank you :)
cld111 Premium
Wow! That's so awesome!! Good for you! Enjoy your lunch and just see what they say.

I don't know if I would ask for payment, honestly. This could be about a bigger opportunity to build a relationship with the school which could lead to bigger things.

But, see what they want you to do, and perhaps they will offer to pay you in some way anyway.

- Christina
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thank you Christina it seems that is what the majority are saying just enjoy and let it happen 😄
AmyHD Premium
I agree with Christina. I have a feeling that this is going to show you a bigger opportunity.

Just go see what they say and enjoy your lunch.

You are a smart girl.