Why & How to add an extra security layer to your Wordpress site

Last Update: December 08, 2018

We all know that WA provides awesome security services & guaranties ...

In fact Kyle had a recent (December 5, 2018) featured comment on this topic, where he said:

Quote: "You do not need a (security i.e. wordfence) plugin being a member here at WA, it is completely redundant and will be an unnecessary load on your website.

You have security and prevention from botnet here within the SiteProtect platform, which is included with all websites. It is done at the server level, not at the plugin level, so it creates far more security.

Security plugins ... can actually create security vulnerabilities on your website and I DO NOT recommend them.

You are well covered using the hosting here at WA and with SiteProtect." Unquote.

Which is AWESOME!

Still ... Life happens ... And the history of the Internet is the proof: there is no such thing as bulletproof, impenetrable security.

And just one eaxample ... I can remember dozens of recent posts and questions about mysteriously created admin user accounts ...

As we already know, it was caused by a flaw (already fixed) in the GDPR Compliance plugin.

Marion Black has a very useful post on this issue:


The point: no matter how secure is your host and your site, there is always a risk ... Theme or plugin vulnerabilities, browser hacks, malicious brute force attacks, etc ...

This is why I've decided to create a short tutorial where I will show you how to avoid & solve another very common and heavily overlooked security problem.


Here it is:


Enjoy it!

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