Why & How to add a productivity-booster jump menu in your Wordpress admin area

Last Update: June 03, 2019

A few days ago I stumbled upon a unique and very useful plugin ...

A plugin that will allow you to easily locate and edit specific posts, pages, post types, and media elements.

I know ... At first blush that sounds pretty boring ... The default Wordpress admin area comes with a simple, well-organized and easy to use layout ... We have separate menu items for posts and pages, and we can easily access the full list with any content pieces created and listed under these two post types.

But think it over!

As your site grows, you'll have more and more posts and pages. And I can tell you from the bottom of my heart when you have a lot of content, then it becomes very annoying and time-consuming to locate a given article, page, etc. And the "chaos" becomes even bigger if you have custom post types, like coupons, deals, testimonials, portfolios, glossaries, etc. You'll have to browse different lists with a lot of pages, use the search feature on specific type-related screens, etc.

The point: this awesome plugin comes in very handy when you are trying to find and edit a given post, page, custom post type, or media element. It will help you to work faster and to save a LOT of time by easily jumping to specific content pieces for quick editing in your Wordpress admin area.

As James Krill - the developer of this awesome plugin - said: it will take 30 seconds to realize you can not live without this plugin.

And I agree!

This is is why I've decided to create a short tutorial where I will show you how to add a time-saver jump menu in your Wordpress admin area.


Here it is:

Why & How to add a productivity-booster jump menu in your Wordpress admin area

Enjoy it!

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marchanna Premium
Hi Zed, so is there some limit you put on things regarding the number of plug-ins you're willing to use on a site? It seems eventually there is a speed reduction per plug-in, the chance that plug-ins will interfere with each other either before or after updates, etc...

I know it's sort of a vague 'plug-in manageability/effectiveness question,' which may be unanswerable!

thanks Marc
AlanJE Premium
Thanks for the great training Zed, Alan.