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Widgets are the easiest way to add custom items and features to your Wordpress website.Most of them are are highly customizable, and they will allow you to easily insert various useful functions into your Wordpress sidebar or any other widget-ready area (post, page, footer, etc).Mote than that, an efficient, smart widget-management will help you to improve the user engagement and to create a truly user friendly website. It's really not rocket science and not so long ago I've already published a
Many beginners, site owners and Wordpress users get confused about categories and tags, so before anything else, let's define the terms ....Both categories and tags are known as taxonomies, and their purpose is to improve the usability of your website by sorting out your content. In plain English: the categories and tags will allow users to easily browse through your content by topic rather than browsing chronologically the entire blogroll.Basically, the categories are the main topics of your s
Currently there are more than 54,500 free plugins in the Wordpress plugin repository and we are spending a LOT of time to find the best solution for a given task ...This is why every site owner and Wordpress user has their own favorite set of plugins which they like to use on all their sites.And we all know, that Wordpress is highly addictive ... Managing multiple Wordpress websites is a very common scenario, especially here at WA, where we can manage of up to 25 individual domains. The point:
First of all, let's see the obvious question ...Why/When add a "rel=NoFollow" attribute to your external links?As you probably already know, most SEO experts recommend you to make internal linking a habit ... In plain English: whenever you have the chance, you should link to your own older posts.Why?Because, each time you link to any page on your own site, you are transferring SEO points (link juice) to that page. It's really simple ...BUT!If you write a post that has both internal links and ex
First of all, let's define the term itself ... What is an icon font?Basically, the icon fonts are vector icons used as fonts:They are extremely popular, because ... they can be resized vithout losing qualitythey can be styled using CSSthey look better than bitmap imagesThis is why many developers, site owners and Wordpress themes use icon fonts ...However, there are still many themes without icon font support, and for beginners, it's a little complicated to use icon fonts on their Wordpress web
As we all know, Pinterest is an extremely powerful and popular social networking platform that can drive a LOT of traffic to your website.And let's clear the air ... I'm not talking about photography, lifestyle or portofolio websites ... I'm talking about ANY kind of website! No matter what are you doing online, Pinterest should be part of your marketing mix.Why?Because ...31% of adult internet users use Pinterest (Pew Reasearch)Pinterest serves more than 1.5 trillion recommendations annually (
Let's face it, the regular Wordpress user is not familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.In fact, this is the very essence of any blogging platform or content management system ... Will allow you to easily create and publish live web content without any coding skills.This is why Wordpress is so incredibly popular and this is why has become so powerful in less than two decades ...Basically, Wordpress will allow you to create and use almost anything on your website ... We have plugins and widgets for a
As we all know, without an efficient tracking there is no such thing as successful, profitable marketing ... This is why we are using Google Analytics and other third-party tracking solutions ...And we also know, that a longer content usually performs better. This is why we are trying to write articles that are at least 1.000 word long ... But a long-form content can be discouraging too ... Sometimes - depending on your topic, content format, target audience, etc - less is more ...Which brings
We are making constant efforts to make our websites more engaging and more user friendly.And the truth is that we have a whole arsenal at our fingertips ... Pop-up solutions, third-party ads, email subscription forms, social sharing features, all kind of CTAs , etc, etc ...This agressive "user stimulation" is almost mandatory nowadays ... It's a necessary evil.But, we tend to forget a VERY important issue! IT SHOULDN'T BE A CONTINUOUS "STIMULUS"!In plain English: displaying the very same pop-up
By default, WordPress displays your posts in the same order that you published them (in reverse chronological order). And as your site grows, you'll have to limit the number of displayed posts, otherwise you'll end up with an endless homepage ... Which means that your older posts won't appear on your homepage anymore ...Yes, of course, you can use pagination buttons or the traditional "Older posts" link, but let's face it, usually, your visitors are not ready to browse dozens of pages in order