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Displaying favorite, inspiring, motivational, etc topic-related quotes is really trendy nowadays ...And no wonder, there are many paths a website owner can take to create an eye-catcy and memorable quote ... Quotes, braces, lines, dialogue boxes, balloons, pop-ups, sidebar widgets, etcBut there are many misconceptions out there, so first of all, let's clarify the terms ...Pull quote ? Block quote ? QuoteA pull quote is a short excerpt from a given presented text. It can be used to pull a text
We all have a preferred, well-defined content creation workflow ...And many users prefer to create their initial content in Microsoft Word which comes with a built-in spell check, thesaurus, templates, styles, formatting features, etc.Also, there are many site owners who simply don't want to grant admin area access to their collaborators (guest bloggers, proofreaders, etc) ... In which case, they will receive the new content pieces in various stand-alone formats. In plain TXT, or HTML ... or mo
PDF files ... Everybody loves using them ...They are extremely popular and useful, because the PDF file format will allow you to share documents among different operating systems, devices, platforms, etc.And they offer another great advantage: the content of a PDF file will be printed in the same way on any platform or operating system that can handle the PDF file format.In other words, the PDF files are ideal for printing documents.Hence the idea ... Wouldn't it be nice if your readers could s
As we all know, visual aids like graph, bars or pie charts are a perfect way to add data beautifully with your content. And to stand out from the crowd ... And to improve user experience ...And there are many plugins out there that can help you to add cool charts and graphs to your content.The problem?Most of them are too complicated to use! And usually, they have a huge negative impact on your site speed ...This is why so many users end up creating chart in various desktop applications and con
As we all know, building traffic and getting a constant flow of new visitors isn't easy at all.And that's the smallest problem ...Why?Because, users spend only a couple of seconds on a webpage before deciding whether to stay or leave!In other words, you'll have to anyhing and everything you can to keep them on your site, and more than that, to keep them engaged ... And there are countless ways: interactive images, inline related posts, eye-catchy image galleries, interesting and helpful videos,
There are many different ways to protect your Wordpress admin area.I've already published a few related tutorials and here they are again:How to add an extra security layer to your Wordpress siteHow to efficiently block a Wordpress user. The right way.Why and how to create automatically expiring temporary login accounts in WordpressToday, I'm going to show you another method ... login security questions ...Many websites will require you to add security questions on your account for identity ve
Let's start with the WHY part.Well, there are many possible scenarios ...But the most common one: you need to give temporary access to the admin area ...It happens all the time ... A friend who wants to give you a hand ... A developer hired to perform ceratin tasks ... A third party theme or plugin support team responding to your request ... A freelancer or contributor invited to perform a one-time job ... Etc ...Now, when you trust that person, you can simply create a new admin user that will
According to Neil Patel ...If you can create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or websites, then you can successfully spur people to do what you want them to do on your page ...And as Pat Flynn said ...Scarcity and the fear of missing out plays a huge role in your marketing success. Whenever possible, inject (truthful) scarcity into your marketing funnels.So, the question is: what is the easiest way to inject thrutful scarcity into your marketing?And the answer: a nice, animated
I'm pretty sure that you've seen social media platforms or individual websites which are using relative time to describe how long ago an entry was posted.In other words, instead of showing the actual date timestamps, you will display something like just now, three hours ago, yesterday, etc.Here's an example:Relative dates give users a sense of how much time has passed since something was posted ...And I've decided to create this short tutorial where I will show you how easy is to add time-ago-s
If current life expectancy is around 78 years and adulthood begins at age 18, than your midlife crisis should hit around age 48.And that's just the beginning ...If you are lucky enough, the senior living problem is there ... waiting for you ...According to several sources, there are more than 500 million seniors around the globe and only a small percentage are really prepared for this crisis.Here are a few more numbers ...the senior living problem is a $1 trillion market and keeps growingthe an