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A few days ago I received another interesting question from one of my readers ... He was looking for a simple method of removing the standard blog features from his Wordpress website ...But let's start with the obvious question ... Why disable blog features in Wordpress?I know ... On first hearing, it may sound weird ... After all, Wordpress is known as the best blogging platform ...And it is! If you want to start a blog, Wordpress is your best choice.But Wordpress is not a just a "simple" blog
A few days ago I received another interesting question from one of my readers ... She was looking for a simple method of adding a Favorite Posts feature to her site ...Needless to say, there is a solution. But, let's start with the obvious question ...Why add Favorite Posts in Wordpress?Well, the main reason is this: you need to make your site as user-friendly as possible.But there is more ... We are making constant efforts to improve user engagement, to decrease the bounce rate (bounce rate re
Wordpress comes with built-in support for SEO-friendly URL structures. It means that you can easily choose a custom URL structure for your Wordpress website.But let's start with the basics ...When you create a new post/page, Wordpress will automatically create a slug (URL, permalink) for you:As you can see, the URL has been created based on the title itself. However, that's not the default Wordpress option for permalinks. The default "Plain" option will generate permalinks like this:https://you
A few days ago I received an interesting question from one of my readers ... He was looking for a simple method of preventing authors from deleting their own posts ...Needless to say, there is a solution ...But, let's start with the basics ... Wordpress comes with a powerful and easy-to-use user role management system. Each registered user is assigned a user role, and of course, each role comes with different rights and permissions. A few months ago I already published a short, basic tutorial o
If you are running a single author website, then you can create a "regular" About Me page and you can simply use the default image widget to add your photo(s).On the other hand, if you are running a multi-author website, then you'll have to display an author bio box at the end of each post. It's a very common and efficient way to show an author’s profile photo with a brief bio and some links to their website or social profiles. Here's an example:It's simple and efficient.But, here's the t
We are talking a LOT about email martketing ...Why?Because, email marketing is probably the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool available to business today.If applied correctly, email can represent the ideal channel to reach potential clients and existing customers in a well-targeted and truly efficient manner. An efficient and well adapted email marketing strategy can generate a huge amount of sales for an extremely small investment of time and money.According to Direct Marketing A
As we all know, categories and tags are the two "default" ways (taxonomies) to sort your content in Wordpress.Usually, categories get more exposure due to their broader scope, which gives tags a little less attention ...And that's wrong because tags are well-suited to specific ideas within the context of your articles ... In other words, they can help you to make your site more user-friendly.And here's the thing ... As you constantly create new content, you’ll have more and more new tags
Let's start with the obvious question: why let users to filter posts and pages on your Wordpress site?Well, the answer is also very obvious ... Because, your ultimate goal is to make your site as user-friendly as possible.By default, Wordpress comes with tags and categories in order to ...allow you to sort your content into topicshelp users to easily find any topic-related contentBut there's a "small" problem ... Users can only view one tag, category, or archive page at a time and it will only
Normally, you can work on/with your Wordpress site without having to put it in maintenance mode.You can customize its appearance, perform various tweaks or structural changes, add/publish new content, change themes, add/remove plugins, etc without any downtime.However, certain actions can require a lot of time and during this time your site may appear inaccessible/broken to your users ... Now, if your site is relatively new and you don't have a steady traffic flow with lots of visitors, a short
A few days ago I received an interesting question from one of my readers ... She was looking for a simple method of displaying a mortgage calculator on her Wordpress website.But, let's start with the term itself ...What is a mortgage calculator?A mortgage calculator is an automated tool that will allow you to get estimates for your mortgage payment, with interest rate and amortization period.In other words, is a must-have tool for any real-estate or property-related website, because it allows v