Daily Facts - Day #37: Billion dollar niches - Shaving & hair removal

Last Update: Nov 27, 2018

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It may sound incredible or funny, but shaving and hair removal is a billion dollar business!

And I won't lie ...

For me it was a HUGE surprise!

But the numbers don't lie ...

According to BrandBuilders ...

  • In 2017, the male grooming market was bigger than $22 billion.
  • The market is evenly split between men and women, with both spending equal amounts.
  • Nearly 27% of men in the world deal with problematic facial hair.
  • Near 40% of all women in the world shave on a daily basis.
  • One in four men between age 16 and 30 regularly change the look of their facial hair.
  • Of 1,000 men surveyed, men between ages 20 and 29 spent at least $35 per month on grooming and shaving products.

As you can see, the shaving industry is massive, and should continue to have slight growth over the next 10 years.

And it's understandable after all ...

Every human on earth is a potential prospect for the hair removal market.

Nearly every woman in the world shaves some part of their body, and every man in the world shaves at least their face.

Which means that your options are nearly unlimited when it comes to figuring out smaller sub-niches inside of the larger shaving and hair removal industry.

The cherry on the top: the niche is very low impact, meaning that people aren’t going to spend days or weeks researching different products.

In plain English: they’re going to make a fairly quick purchase.

I'd say that sounds pretty good ...

Do you agree?

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I enjoyed the details on your recent blog post. My wife is a hairstylist also. She has said that some men can be real putzes when it comes to hair care.

What about the other end of the spectrum. I'm talking about aloepeshia. There both men and women that deal with that. Not to mention body hair removal. Thats another big audience. Just saying.

Talk to you again soon.

Great point! I bet there is a market of comparable size with respect to aloepashia! Shoot, make a site for each and play both sides of the fence!

Good point Brian!

I'll have to make some research :)

Yes, I agree. Excellent post! First day at WA and I find a very sharing and supportive community as well, priceless.

Thank you for your time Erika!

Once again, you have provided some excellent information, Thank you Zsolt!!! 😀

Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)

Thank you my friends!

No, no, no, thank you, sir. 😋


Thanks Zed

Thanks Michael!

That is surprising to me as well, but thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading!

These facts don't surprise me. Thanks for sharing them. Great post!

Thanks Holly!

thanks, Zed, going to have to start looking at brandbuilders for my next niche and google trends. already know what I want, but will it be worth it. Thanks for drawing more awareness to what we do daily.

Thanks for your time!

very informative

Thanks Adriana!

Thank you for the important lesson I learned today.

Thank you for your time!



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