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Last Update: July 08, 2019

I joined the Wealthy Affiliate one Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 and upgraded to a premium membership a few days later. So are the journey has been good. I trying to fly through the beginner level stuff as I have experience with marketing online however I've never really setup a solida foundation to build a sustainable business on.

Within the past few days here is what I have accoumplished:

  • Ungraded to the premium account to unlock all the features
  • Connected with a few other members
  • Setup a blog (which I've been wanting to do but never got around to it)
  • Currently have 3 blog post and over a dozen comments (thanks to the awesome member of this community)
  • Completed lesson 1 of the Online Entprepreneur Certificate course
  • My blog has been indexed with Google
  • I'm having fun and looking forward to plugging into the community daily

Over the next 3 months these are some of the things I would like to have accomplished:

  • Have over 50 post on my blog (OnlineSalesFunnelConsultant)
  • Have a few top 3 ranking positions for buyer intent keywords
  • Generate over $500 in affiliate commissions
  • Secure a 1-3 clients that have found me throught my blog (OnlineSalesFunnelConsultant)

Over the next 6 months, these are some of the things I would like to have accomplished:

  • Have over 50 post on my primary blog
  • Lauched a new affiliate site
  • Be earning $3500/mo in consulting fees & affiliate commissions
  • Develp a few really solid friendship (maybe even a business idea partnership with a WA Community member)

Since I am within my first 3 months at WA... I can only post one blog per day. With this one being time sensitive, I'm going to post it below!

This post is inspired by AlliGrrrl. I haven't talked to her however it seems she was looking for an accountability partner unfortunately no one took her up on the offer. However, someone did suggest that she post her weekly goals as a blog post so the entire WA Community can potentially keep her accountable.

The idea is to post the goals for the week on a Sunday or Monday and then another post on Saturday or Sunday outline what was actually accomplished. For me personally, the week begins on a Sunday, however I just found her post today so, Monday it is for this week.

Goals For The Week Of July 7th

  1. Post a blog post 5 out of 7 days this week
  2. Welcome 3 new members to the WA Community
  3. Congratulate 3 members for upgrading to premium
  4. Complete the Online Entprepneur Certificate Training
  5. Outside of the 2 blog post for accountability, post 1 WA blog
  6. Attempt to answer 2 questions per day (live chat or discussion)
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firstlearn Premium
You are doing a great job Rasheed.

JohaneG Premium
Wow! You are doing great job SlimBolade
Vickic3 Premium
These are awesome goals Rasheed and with your go-getter attitude, you will do well here in WA.
The training is incredible, the community is awesome and everything about WA will bring you positiveness and results if you work consistently and focus on what's ahead
Go well and be amazing!!