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October 03, 2015
Don't know if anyone else is having this problem? But when I try to work on a page or post all my work is gone when under visual, but apears under text. So I know it's still there but cant work on it correctly under text as you would under visual. This seems to be a recurring problem. Does anyone else out there have this problem? Does anyone know how to solve it? If so I would love to know how? Thanks
August 28, 2015
Hey everyone, this is my first ever blog so hopefully its right. So I Join Wealthy Affiliate about two weeks ago and feeling hooked, and I think that's based on all the opportunities that are presented to us here wealthy affiliate, and those opportunities are future based. Can you see yourself doing affiliate marketing in five years time or ten years time. And you can, for sure, its all about putting in the hard work now, putting in the hard work tomorrow, and soon enough you will become accust