Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments 2.0-Great R.O.I-Here's Why

Last Update: November 18, 2018

Howdy All,

I know there have been many Site Comments blogs posted here , so why not add to that mix,By sharing how Site Comments Is a good Return on investment.(R.O.I)- It is an awesome tool so I have to share

Since the latest release of Site Comments 2.0 it became possible to make Money by commenting which is very cool. One of the many ways Wealthy Affiliate is leading the way in the industry.

You get a Credit for each comment you make and use 2 credits to receive comments on your site. It is a good system since it promotes activity and engagement which most of us know is a ranking factor with the Big "G".

Showing activity on your website includes the comments people leave for you. It pays off also by adding content to your article by counting the comments as content.

So how does all this relate to Site Comments 2.0?

It relates by what you get in return when you participate in the comment platform. What I have noticed is that you not only get the credit when you comment but when you spend them for comments of your own, you get much more in return than you expected.

One would think that 2 credits gets you 1 Comment 4 For 2 and so on. Well Site Comments 2.0 has a nice secret that most have not talked about.

You get many more comments than your credits pay for

For example here is a shot of my comments received. Notice the amount requested and the amount received for the comments.

I requested 8 comments and received 22 in return. This is just a small example of how this works. There are more like this. So by spending 16 Credits I was able to get those 22 Comments. That is great value. Very Cool!

This could be because the new upgrade has driven more of us to Site Comments or it could just be the new normal. Either way it is a great opportunity to use this tool.

Added Bonus- You Can Make Money From Site Comments 2.0

You need to meet the criteria to make money from Site comments- but that is very doable and the fact that you get more in return than you asked for is a huge bonus.

Here is the criteria Carson showed us when this was released.

Over a 30 Day period. You need to to do this: To maintain certified commenter status

You get value in multiple ways. By making a few extra bucks and also by helping your business. Take the time needed to add this to your routine when working on your business. Wealthy Affiliate has provided a great tool, Use it

A Few reminders about this system. You should respond to comments left for you with a good value return, meaning more than just "thanks for the comment". The person that left a comment for you took the time to read your article and comment on it. The least you can do is provide a solid response when you approve the comment.

When you leave someone a comment on their post or respond to them when they comment guess what happens. They will probably comment on more of your posts going forward.

It is also important to remember that Comments are not Feedback, there is a section for feedback and that should be what you use. If you Comment take the time to make it a good one. I consider it a professional courtesy to help out other members with their sites. They help me so why not return the favor right?

There have been great additions added to the Wealthy Affiliate platform recently and I know they have plans for many more great features in the coming months.

Thank you to Kyle and Carson for creating this tool and Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to comment on my articles. :)

I look forward to closing out this year with a flurry and hitting the ground running in the New Year.

Take Care

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Todd,
SiteComment 2.0 is a great platform. Not many people talk about all of the benefits. Thank you!!

Tried and True

Skydancer1 Premium
Thanks Elaine,

We have many great tools on this platform. This one can make a difference. Multiple ways to benefit.

Thanks for the Comment
NeptuneSiver Premium
YanFellow Premium
Yes, no one talks about that. Wonder why... :-)

I think it happens because when you go to SC you see a comment request and go off to visit the wesite leaving the comment request window open, of course.

But you haven't posted your comment yet. So if other people do the same thing there will be more than 1 comment pending and SC is not cruel enough to close the windeowafter it gets the required number of comments. Hope that makes sense :-)

Skydancer1 Premium
Thanks Ian,

It works. Even if it changes in the future it is still a great way to benefit your business and give back to the community.

Thanks for the Comment

Take Care
Tiimm Premium
Thanks for sharing!
SiteComments is such an amazing platform!
I noticed too that I requested only 1 comment and recieved like 4!
One time accenditly submitted to get 10 comments now I have over 30 on that post!
I mean I would pay for them all if needed, I just couldn't believe it!
Also comments on your website can help convert buyers as well!
Thanks for sharing
Skydancer1 Premium

Very true about converting buyers. Better chance at a positive result. Thats for sure.

I couldn't believe it either when I got back 9 comments when I requested 4 then again and again. This tool has great value.

Thanks for the comment

Take Care