Wealthy Affiliate 5 Week Success Challenge- New Members Are You In?

Last Update: May 04, 2018

Most of us love a good challenge,remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that went Viral a few years back? I do and I did the challenge and got very wet. :) LOL I know there is a video of me dumping a bucket of water over myself somewhere on Youtube.

I have a bit of a different challenge for you. I am mainly referring to New members who are still in the Free starter membership which is awesome and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and I am also reaching out to those who are considering joining the family. Come On In And Start Free

What I have in mind is this-

The Wealthy Affiliate New Member 5 Week Success Challenge.

What is it exactly? well let me explain.

First lets cover what you are currently doing.

As a Free starter member you get a free website 2 actually and a great set of classes to learn how to make money with that site along with a "mostly" premium access for 1 week. But You know all this already. So what gives?

The deal is this.

For $19 you can try all the bells and whistles Wealthy Affiliate has to offer as long as you upgrade within a week. I am referring to upgrading to premium. I am sure you have seen messages in your profile asking you to go premium for the $19 deal for the first month.

The link below below will take you to the page that puts the starter and premium memberships side by side to show you what is offered. Notice the difference in the amount of training classes available both in the certification program and the bootcamp

Check out the Comparrisons page

So my challenge to you is 2 fold.

Set aside time for the next 5 weeks to dive into the training. This is a dressed rehearsal for your new life. You are a marketer now, so embrace it and dive into as much information as you can

1. Finish as much as you can in the first week, with the training and use all the features you have access to in the system. Get familiar with them. Please ask for help if you get stuck, there is always someone in Chat that can help or post a question to the community

2. Upgrade for $19 for the first month of premium and open up many new options to really help you succeed and also discover more than 1 way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate- use this month to really dive into the system and learn all that is available for you and I am sure you will see why Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business training platform in the World

I am sure you spend much more than $19 on things that will not change your life.

Unless of course you find a good Keylime Pie- That Can Be a Life Changing Experience

If you decide Wealthy Affiliate is not for you then by all means close your account and move on to something that suites you.

Here are some additonal perks you may not know about that can help you thrive with your Online Business here.

Just to clarify so you do not think you're being scammed. The normal Monthly fee for premium membership is $49 a Month, but you get month 1 for $19. I need you to know that so you understand the challenge and can make an informed decision

Here is the post about the most recent release of a new user intrerface for the platform. Note Kyles Video that walks you through everything.

Introducing The Brand New User Experience. Launched May 2018Introducing The Brand New User Experience. Launched May 2018

How You can Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?- Multiple Ways

Did you know there is more than 1 way to make money here regardless of your membership level? As a marketer you have many options to make money but I am just talking about within the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate

How about I show you

Did you know you also get phase 1 of the Bootcamp training as a free member?

1- Starting up your new SiteRubix website and following the training to learn how to start the money flow with your affiliate marketing site

2- You have an affiliate link!! Use It- you can invite people to join us here, You get credit for the referral that could result in a premium sign up which means money for you.Even as a starter member you can make money- See the Details below, Part of the text at the bottom shows the Free Starter Member breakdown for what you get.

To find your link you can go to the Airplane icon and Select Program Details.Your Affiliate link will be at the top of the page

Your Link is also available in your profile- The chain icon next to "share" near your user name.

3- Use your Jaaxy Affiliate link-

If you have a Jaaxy account, you have an affiliate link..Bet ya didn't know that. Since Jaaxy has been merged into the platform here it is easy to get in and get set up. Activate your Free trial or if you are Premium just activate Jaaxy Lite and you are good to go.

To find your link open the Jaaxy dashboard, select "affiliate programs" then your link will be on the top of the next page

Live Video Classes

Every week our Awesome trainer Jay walks us through the topic of the week. The previous webinars are saved to view at any time for Premium members. These are 1 Hour long training with Q&A after. I Highy recommend you take full advantage of some of these

Site Content Rocks

Over 1 Million Free to use photo's already optimized for you. This makes content creation easy as you can write an entire article with images and have it ready to go.

50 Websites !!

As a premium member you get to host upto 50 Websites on the servers here. 25 Private Domains and 25 SiteRubix Free Domains.You probably wont need all of them but another option for revenue could be domain flipping.

How many hosting providers will allow you 50 websites for the same price as only 1 Hosted site? Not many

When setting up a business online you need to think long term. Are you going to want websites all over the place on multiple hosts with questionable customer service? I doubt it. Everything you need is here- You can transfer other private domains easily to host here.

The benefits of premium and how it plays a role in your success are un matched anywhere else.

So how about it? are you up for the Challenge to see if you want this lifestyle and can make it work out with your effort and commitment?

If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member yet, what the heck are you waiting for?

Take care


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csmith81 Premium
skydancer your post was at the top in google when I typed in wealthy affiliate lol all I saw was 5 week challange
Beverly-S Premium
You're right, and 3 mos later, still is...That's how I got here, lol. More proof that WA works if we work. This is awesome. :-)
LTMLifestyle Premium
Thanks for sharing. Great post and informative.
Skydancer1 Premium
Thank you,

Just trying to help people succeed.

Thanks for the comment

Take Care
Skydancer1 Premium

Yes there are many ways to make this work out. The creating websites for customers is a great option. Thank you for your insight. I just wanted to clarify some of the options people have when they join us, many times I see folks asking how to make money here. They may not realize all that is available to them
heck I left a bunch of stuff out and this is still a great deal

Thanks for the comment

Take Care
sdawson Premium
So right Todd. The free Starter Members should really consider what you have said and all the benefits. At least sign up for Premium for a month or even two and do as much of the training and learning as you can.

$19 + $49 is only $68 for those two months and you can truly learn a lot if you are serious in those two months. Then you might decide to go annually and pay the $359 in advance and get your fees down to only $30/month rather than the $49. A year paid in advance will give you 12 months to learn all about Affiliate marketing and Wordpress and hopefully begin to make some money online.

Part of your Premium member is 25 paid domain sites. Once you are knowledgeable about building Wordpress websites, you can sell your services to a few small businesses to create a site for them for $200-$500 and then host it on your WA membership account for $10/month. It won't take long or many sites to pay your annual fee here. The hosting is great as well as site support.

So, it is certainly possible to cover your Premium Membership fee with what you learn here.