Wealthy Affiliate- A Day To Remember

Last Update: March 13, 2018

Yes !!

Happiness for an online business owner, is when you see results from your efforts.

When you receive Multiple- Invitation Accepted Messages on the same day. Life is good.

For many members here this is pretty standard, But for some of us still advancing our businesses this is great news, I have had referrals already but not multiples in the same day.

This will be a day I remember well, going forward.

I went on a hike up a mountain called Sleeping Giant this morning, I didn't name it. LOL :) The funny thing is, it looks like a big Giant laying on his back, so I guess he has been properly named.

Here is one of the views. It was a bit cloudy but still an awesome hike

On the hike I had a feeling today would be a great day, business wise. Not sure why, I just did. The views from the hike are spectacular, you can see the entire East and Part of the South shore of Kauai from multiple vantage points

So when I returned to the place we are staying on our vacation, I checked online and BOOM!! Multiple Messages about Referrals to Both WA and Jaaxy.

Yes I was right, Today is a Day to Remember

One of the Many Reasons Wealthy Affiliate -Rocks

The training works, so why not follow it?

For members just getting started, Stick with it no matter what and apply what you learn and take action to implement your new skills into your business.

Follow the training in sequence, You will see the results you desire if you work it hard and follow the path to success that has been walked by so many members before us.

Take Care All


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jlclayton1 Premium
Skydancer1 Premium
Thank you.

Hopefully More to come

Take care
Memorylaneuk Premium
Congratulations to you it sounds like you had a really great day all round.
Wishing you more of these successes
With Grace and Gratitude
Skydancer1 Premium

Yes, the day was fabulous all around.

Thanks for the comment

sdawson Premium
Yes, that is definitely a good day. I love that image also. I'm working on some of those cool referral messages to appear also - hopefully, I'll soon have a similar post - right now I don't even have a great view like that.

Congratulations! - Shirley
Skydancer1 Premium
Yours will come,

You are working hard at it,

Bright days ahead.

Thanks for the Comment
chrisbailey Premium
Congrats and keep plugging away Todd.
Skydancer1 Premium
Will do, I am in this for the long haul.

Thanks for the comment
HowardJaros Premium
Congrats Todd!
Skydancer1 Premium

I Plan on many more.

Thanks for the comment