Google+ Shutting Down?

Last Update: December 26, 2018

Google+ Shutting Down

I read an article this morning about Google+ and how they are shutting down the service due to a security breach to avoid the same fate that Facebook is going through. This one was on a much smaller scale but still a breach occured.

Here is the article I read about it

So my question is, How will this work for those of us that are trained via WA to post to Google+ with every post?. I have way more posts on Google+ than most of my other SM accounts. If anyone has any go forward ides about how we should all proceed besides the obvious of just posting to the other SM sites, Please share.

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Shweta10mg Premium
not much happens on Google Plus anyway but it makes it harder for traffic generation by all ways possible.

If people view your accounts or you have a large following on Google plus, now is the time to add your Instagram badge to Google plus. There is an option to post it on your Google Feed with the upward arrow.

On this note, Instagram is also owned by parent company Facebook and I dont see why it wasn't affected by security breaches. There is no reason why Instagram is shutting its doors anytime soon.
Google is a search engine and Facebook is a social media platform ok, but Instagram is owned by Facebook.
Its like a major attention drawer like how Toys 'R' US shut down, its re opened and it's employees are furious than ever before.

Sure you may ask what is the correlation there? There may be none except as an attention gaining strategy and tactic. IF google gmail is hard to hack or compromise how do they suppose Google Plus is that much easier?
What about the two step verification and back up required?

Im possibly wrong do correct me but that question I asked when I read your post. Interesting thankyou for sharing it.
CarolMeador Premium
I have an account, but I never use it. Won't miss it at all!
mbouteiller Premium Plus
I use Google+ all the time to post all my articles. It's the only social media I use... arrrggg!
Skydancer1 Premium
I use it but just for sharing posts and +1 for other members posts. I find it way more difficult to navigate than the other SM sites, but I still use it for the business

Thanks for the comment
JamesJB Premium
I never really took to it...