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June 22, 2014
It happened one day, while, The Kids About Toys Boys, MaMa, was chatting with her friend Kenny on Facebook. Kenny mentioned he was getting ready to go Geocaching. Well, when you have two very energetic kids, it can sometimes be a challenge, finding activities that they enjoy, so, MaMa asked Kenny, is Geocaching for kids? Read more....
June 19, 2014
Hello All. Gotta ask you to take a look at the new website. Please make some comments, do the tweets, like it on Facebook, share it, check out all the pages. I appreciate it.
What are cruftless links? Are they important? Where are they applied? How are they made?
Hi all. I just noticed that the last time I blogged here was May 23rd. Did Ya Miss Me? Well, I've been working on improving my sites and implementing some of the awesome ideas I've picked up here at WA. Here is where I'd like to ask you to lend me a hand. I just launched a brand new site moments ago. If y'all would be so kind to go there, look around, do the Facebook Likes, become a Twitter follower, and let me know what you think, I'd greatly appreciate it. Skip oh, I almost forgot. It's http
May 23, 2014
I look out the window And traffic has picked up quite a bit. I guess the Holiday weekend has officially started here in the Good Ole U.S. A. First, I'd like to express my appreciation to all who have served, and are now serving all branches of the military. Thank You for your service, Thank You for your sacrifice, and Thank You for the protection. This WA site has me fired up. I've been researching the niche for the Awesome keyword domain I landed. I've also revamped another website and posted
Today we're focusing on how to build your email list. You know, having a list, allows you to stay in contact with friends, and family, but, more importantly, as a affiliate marketer, it allows you to stay in touch with your customers. No matter where you go today, whether it's online, or out shopping, someone is building their list. If you go to a popular building supply store, they ask if you want the register receipt or have one emailed to you. Another store will give you a receipt and tell y
May 13, 2014
Back in 1998, I purchased my first Mac. A really nice Blueberry. That was the start of a wonderful relationship. You see, I did, try it once with a PC, but, Dos kept getting in the way. All my family and friends kept telling me that I was making a big mistake, it would be a one time fling, and would never work out. Well, it's been 16 years now, that Mac and Me have been together. Along the way we've added an E-mac, a Mac Mini, a macbook, and three MacBook Pros, all with different operating syst
May 12, 2014
I posted this article my What 2 Do to Earn Additional Income site.Is This You ? Is this you with empty pockets? Sometimes? All the time? Let's face it. Things change. One day you are cruising along just fine,working everyday, getting some overtime, going out to dinner and maybe a movie. And then Things Changed. •Your rent went up. •Daycare went up •Your insurance went up. •The kids need braces. •School tuition went up •Worse yet •Your hours were cut. •You lost your insurance
Happy Mothers Day Y'all ! Hope this day, set aside in your honor, is your best Ever. Please continue reading here.
April 24, 2014
The Einstein Definition of Insanity is: " Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Well, I resemble that. My life as a Affiliate Marketer became insanity. Yes, I had some success, but, I could not advance to the next level. Why ? Because I did not have all the tools necessary to succeed. I do believe I may have found those tools here at Wealthy Affiliate. For the short time I have been a member, it is incredable the adrenaline rush WA has given me. First off,