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Hello All, Yesterday, I announced the unveiling of a remodeled Kids About Toys site. Thanks to all for your comments. I would like to give a special Call Out for Melody - cookma54 for sending some Great Content to the Meet The Kids About Toys Page ( about me page ). I invite all to visit the page and see what she wrote. Thank You Everyone for your support. Skip
September 09, 2014
Hi everyone, Did Ya Miss Me? I've been b-i-z-z-y taking a course that has all the behind the scene info about the website design software I use. That's right, I am not a Wordpress guy, which is why I don't respond to any questions about Wordpress. Anyway, last month I posted Don't Make Me Stop This Car and asked for feedback. Shawn ( I don't understand how he could ever be a Jeff Gordan Fan!) Martin said he liked the colors. Doug Hayman https://my.wealthyaffiliate
For the Kids About Toys Website, Gabriel did a video about one of his toys. I was doing the alphabet thing on Google and found the video listed as a Tutorial. It's a must see video.
Hi all you WA members. I added a post to the Kids About Toys website titled, He Looked At Me, and I've also added a few social widgets, gidgets, and fidgets to the site. If you can find some time to go there, look it over, and then comment, pin it, tweet it, plus it, and follow it, share it, or whatever you can, I would appreciate it. It's I will return the favor, Skip
The search results I get back on Jaaxy are not consistent, are yours? When results come back and I click on the QSR tab I get question marks ??? and under Get SEO the word undefined. Does this happen to you? Site Rank rarely works for me. It will either return an instant not found result or take 3 or 4 minutes of churning to deliver a not found answer. Please don't get me wrong, it does occasionally work. I did put in a site rank search and received a position 4 page 1 result, however the
July 31, 2014
So, how long after a site is launched does it usually take for Google to index it? What about a local site?
So, What is Schema? Is it important for affiliate marketing? How is it implemented?
Is Jaaxy not working or is it just not working for me? I've been having issues the past 2 weeks. Nothing is consistent. I submitted a ticket to WA websites and hosting and received the courtesy we'll check it out reply. To contact Jaaxy support you have to log out. Sent info on issues. No response. So Is it me? Or are others having issues as well.
June 28, 2014
Hey there all my WA friends and followers. I am changing my username. Yep, I've decided to move into the 21st century. MdMaxx is a name from last century and while it had plenty of use, it's time to be retired. I wanted to change it to Skip, but it's taken, so my new user name will be Skip2tsr. If I have to start all over again, so be it, I will look forward to bumping into each and every one of you in the hall here @WA. For those of you that may be reading this and we have not met yet, Please
Is it just me or is anyone else having search issues with Jaaxy. Also, when there is an issue where do you report it? There is no support or contact info.